Behind the Numbers: USDA Dairy Purchases Continue

As Chief Market Analyst for Rice Dairy, Matt Gould is featured in “Behind the Numbers,” Rice Dairy’s quarterly YouTube series that breaks down different topics in the dairy industry.

Coronavirus has impacted dairy markets in waves

The first impact from Coronavirus was felt at the end of January when the disease was spreading rapidly in China. China is a major importer of milk powders and is also a critical player in the shipping industry. The country’s shutdown caused global shipping to slow and left shipping containers in the wrong places, gumming up global supply chains…

The Link Between Oil and Milk Prices

U.S. dairy product prices have moved in harmony with oil prices for more than a decade. Since 2005, price gains in nonfat dry milk have always coincided with price gains in oil; collapses in milk powder markets have occurred while crude oil prices declined.

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