The Dairy Market Analyst consulting division provides strategic analysis and advice to clients in the dairy industry.

*Previous engagements have included:

    • Analysis of the Changes in the Appalachian and Southeast Federal Milk Marketing Orders After Federal Milk Marketing Order reform in 2000. Final Presentation
    • Analysis and presentation of reforms of the California Quota Implementation Plan (Quota) for milk producers in California. List of Documents
    • Design of procurement strategy & purchasing models leveraging proprietary data for a leading co-manufacturer.*
    • Econometric modeling and dairy product price forecasting for a multi-national dairy processor.*
    • E-commerce execution for a specialty dairy brand.*
    • Analysis and recommendations of acquisitions for leading company in the dairy space.*

* Clients and complete project list are confidential.

What makes us different?

The research process:

  • We focus on dairy and are experts in the complexities unique to this industry, including state and federal regulations, a convoluted pricing system, a diffuse supply chain, perishable products, and a continuous supply. 
  • We find and source information from our extensive network of industry contacts to complement information that is available in the public domain.
  • We embrace continuous improvement and are always in search of novel insight.

We drive long-term results and will support your business for decades to come:

  • We are committed to being part of the dairy community and advancing the industry that we love for decades to come.
  • We believe in relationships over transactions. We focus on learning about your current business model and improving its long-term trajectory