Milk Production

As we track supply, demand and price trends from the cow to the consumer, it all starts with milk production in the USA and worldwide. How many cows are in the milking herd? How much milk are they each producing? What's the trend? When will it change? Read the Dairy & Food Market Analyst every week and stay on top of the situation.

Our analysis starts with a careful review of data published by USDA. Below are links for you to source the raw data. Subscribe to the Dairy & Food Market Analyst for our perspective and forecast. 

Milk ProductionMilk Production - This monthly report from USDA is released mid-month and includes prior month data and any revisions in the second prior month estimates of milk production, cow numbers and milk per cow.
Annual revisons for the previous two years of data are included in each February issue.
Livestock, Dairy & Poultry Outlook - Each monthly issue of USDA's Livestock, Dairy & Poultry Outlook includes quarterly milk production estimates, supply and demand estimates and price estimates. Our long-range forecast is released about one week prior to the USDA forecast.
Livestock Slaughter/Monthly Estimates - Each month, USDA reports the number of dairy cows slaughtered at federally-inspected plants. These estimates, for the previous month, are released early in the second half of each month.
Livestock Slaughter/Weekly Estimates - Published each Thursday, these estimates foreshadow the monthly data and offer regional detail. 
World Agricultural Supply & Demand Estimates - USDA publishes milk production, utilization and price estimates each month on or about the 10th.
Agricultural Prices - Agricultural Prices, issued monthly on or about the last day of the month, contains the milk-feed ratio, all milk price, slaughter cow prices and other data relevant to milk production.

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